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Accent Flooring isn’t your regular flooring company. We go above and beyond by including custom stairs for properties in and around Salt Lake City. Our team provides stair runners, stair refinishing, and custom stairs to fit your property’s needs. Stairs are an integral part of your property and should match the design of your home or business. Below we will discuss our many stair services for commercial and residential properties.

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Stair Runners

A custom carpet runner is a great option for your office or home. Stair and hallway runners are custom designed to fit your stairs or hallway. They come in a multitude of designs, styles, colors, and patterns to add flair to your space. If you are tired of the same drab stairs, let us help create a custom stair runner you can be proud of and enjoy!

We gladly provide our custom stair runner services to all of Park City, Salt Lake City, and the Wasatch Back areas.

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Custom Made

Accent Flooring provides a unique service to our Salt Lake City residential and commercial clients in the form of custom-built staircases. Our stairs and staircases are all custom built to your property, meaning no two staircases are ever alike. We offer floating stairs, metal and wood stairs with a full wrap, as well as spiral staircases and high-step staircases custom built to fit your space.

Some of the staircase options we provide include:

  • Straight Staircases
  • Circular Staircases
  • Quarter-Turn Staircases
  • Half-Turn Staircases
  • Tree-Quarter Turn Staircases
  • 180 Degree Turn Switchback Staircases
  • Spiral Staircases
  • Winding and Curved Staircases
  • Bifurcated Staircases
As you can see, our team is well equipped to build you the perfect staircase for your home or business. Please contact us for a free estimate or to see our many staircase solutions.

for existing staircases we offer

Stair Refinishing
Staircases see a lot of foot traffic, making them become dull and drab over time. Luckily, Accent Flooring is here for our Salt Lake City and neighboring area businesses and homes. Our professional wood makers can repair, refinish, and recoat all types of stairs and staircases.
Our team can add textured patterns to your staircase, including:
Bandsaw faced

If your staircases or flooring is in need of loving care, give Accent Flooring a call today. Our team provides complete stair and wood flooring maintenance and repair services to ensure your wood looks great for years to come.

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